Sandisk monoUFD 3x11

Sandisk monoUFD 3x11


Recently, our customers began receiving many devices from Sandisk with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 interfaces. Our creative engineering team has developed an adapter to read these memory chips.


The adapter supports 3 different pinouts and therefore it has 3 PCBs and 3 frames.
It is compatible with a single 8-bit data bus. 
The socket and frames can be easily swapped between the boards, allowing you to change several different devices in a short time.
Frames 1 and 3 have a size of 11.1x16 mm. Whereas Frame 2 has dimensions - 11.3x16 mm


All surface-mounted components should be removed from a device before inserting into the adapter.
The best quality of the dump is obtained with a VCC - 2.5V, VCCQ - 2.3V





* If you have a device with a similar pinout, but slightly different just send us a request, and we'll help you to identify the adapter.

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