LGA - 60 (for TH58TFT1DFKLAVH and alike)

LGA - 60 (for TH58TFT1DFKLAVH and alike)


Recently, we got an interesting request about the Toshiba chip TH58TFT1DFKLAVH from a MacBook motherboard. The chip looked like a standard LGA-60 (for which we have an LGA-52 adapter and it fits), but in fact, it wasn't. Our R&D team has researched the pinout of this device and created a new adapter for the same or similar devices.

Adapter specifications

The adapter automatically supports dual 8-bit data bus access with 2x4 CE signals (up to 8 internal crystals per chip).

The memory chip package size is 14x18 mm.

Adapter features

DO NOT rotate the chip (like in BGA - 132/152 adapters), otherwise, it may cause damage.

How to determine when to use LGA - 60 adapter instead of LGA - 52?

Check these two pads with a multimeter for short circuit. If they are bridged, use LGA - 60 adapter. Otherwise LGA - 52.

* Research and testing were carried out on a chip TH58TFT1DFKLAVH. If you have a device with a similar layout, but slightly different connections just send a request to Help Center, and we'll help you to identify the adapter.