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Due to Easter holidays, our office remains closed on April 1 and services will not be provided.
We would like to inform that from April 2 we will work in standard mode, however the waiting time for a response may be slightly longer.
Thank you for your patience.

    All tickets are processed within business hours: Monday-Friday 10:00-18:00 Central European Time


      Short description of the problem
      E.g. ECC doesn't work on PS2251

      Please provide as much information as possible about your device, including:
      Device type; device capacity; number of chips; controller model; NAND memory ID, memory package.
      Let us know which step you're on in the data recovery process. Attach clear high resolution photos of device if necessary.
      Provide any additional information/photos to target your problem faster.
      E.g. I have a usb pendrive 32GB with 2 BGA132 chips (2C846454A9) and IS903 controller. Found ECC and page structure. Tried multiple XOR keys from database but none of them seem to work. I'm attaching the screenshots with page structure and block that seems to have xor key pattern. 
      E.g. I have a problem with ECC map (it's half red) in TSOP48 chip (45D7849372) with Noname controller from 4GB SD card. Is there any way to improve reading quality? Pictures from ECC map and Reread (3 iterations) are attached.
      E.g. I've got an old 1GB device with TSOP48 chip (98FED53200) and can't find config in database.


      Short description of the problem
      E.g. Damaged KMQNW000SM

      Please provide as much information as possible about your device, including:
      Vendor, model name, clear high resolution photos of chip. 
      Let us know what kind of recovery it is (damaged emmc, factory reset, attempt to recover more data than via emmc interface).
      Provide any additional information/photos to target your problem faster.
      E.g. I have emmc KMQNW000SM which doesn't respond through standard interface, so I did connected it to eMMC-NAND Reconstructor, but I'm getting error while reading the chip, screenshot attached.


      Short description of the problem
      E.g. How to create carving template for android app

      Please provide as much information as possible about your device, including:
      Phone model, chip model, package, capacity, operating system, app you need to recover data from
      Provide any additional information/photos/files to target your problem faster.
      E.g. I have Samsung S5 phone with emmc KMQNW000SM. I got a dump and need to recover deleted facebook messages. How do I create carving template for this app?


      Short description of the device
      E.g. Kingston microSD 32GB - unknown pinout

      Please provide as much information as possible about your device, including:
      Vendor, capacity, clear high resolution photos of the chip. In case of monolithic device in order to help we need to see the map of tracks, so please make sure that you can see it on your photos before sending.
      E.g. I got a Kingston microSD 32GB which seems to have a new pinout (not in the database). I have attached pictures. Hope you had something similar?

      We're getting more and more requests to help analyze signals and pinouts of monolithic devices obtained through logic analyzer. We want to be clear, by no means this area is covered by our support that we provide to our users and we have no obligations to help, since third-party equipment and different technology is involved. However we understand that devices are getting more complicated and we have a vast experience in this type of work. Depending on our workload and availability of engineers, we may offer a favour help with pinout analysis.
      Here's our conditions of help and details we need: 
      1. High-res picture of the device (with cleaned pads and without wires)
      2. Signal waveform/several waveforms from logic analyzer by request of our engineer.
      3. Schematics of connection to logic analyzer channels. 
      4. Final pinout of device
      5. Pinout will be added to VNR database. 
      We may also asks you for:
      High def picture of connection, confirmation that device is functioning properly with remote access by request, full case for analysis, any additional information requested by engineer.
      We do not provide help with logic analyzer usage, but here are the tips and settings that may help you:
      - Logic analyzer mode - buffer (not stream)
      - Sampling rate / frequency 100Mhz (or higher with glitch filter ON)
      - Threshold: 1.6V for VccQ = 3.3V; 0.9V for VccQ  = 1.8V; 0.6V for VccQ  = 1.2V; 
      - 16 channels minimum
      - Sampling time - at least 100 milliseconds or more.


      Short description of the problem; serial number
      E.g. Getting activation error, SN 0973

      Describe your problem/request, let us know the serial number of reader you're referring to.
      Attach screenshots with error messages if applicable. 
      E.g. I'm moving VNR 0973 to another computer and my activation doesn't work, screenshot attached.

      • OTHER

      Short description of the case
      E.g. Question about chips from voice recorders
      Please provide as much information as possible about your case/request with screenshots/photos if applicable.
      E.g. Do you guys work with voice recorders? I got one and wondering what chip might be inside?  Photos of device are attached.

      P.S. Please, DO NOT USE CAPS LOCK when describing your issue. Also Do Not Start Every Word From Capital Letters. 
      It makes text less readable and doesn't improve response time.

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